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Welcome to Advantage Community Pharmacy

Do you want to expand the range of the pharmaceutical services and medical supplies that you can offer to your customers? Do you want to improve your marketing strategies? To help your pharmacy succeed, Advantage Community Pharmacy (ACP) offers proven and innovative pharmaceutical GPO strategies.

At Advantage Community Pharmacy (ACP), we advocate for independent pharmacies, and it is our goal to keep you in business. We aim to be your most trusted resource. Ask us how we can help your pharmacy today. For more details, contact us at 732-425-5373.

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Mission Statement

Advantage Community Pharmacy (ACP) is the ONLY Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) dedicated to our members' businesses by providing marketing strategies for revenue enhancement.

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Chosen for Excellence Pharmacies We Handle

At Advantage Community Pharmacy (ACP), we handle several pharmacies. Under our guidance, we help these independent pharmacies thrive, succeed, and provide effective pharmaceutical services to their customers. From innovative marketing strategies to acquiring equipment, supplies, and merchandise, we aim to be a trusted resource for the pharmacies that we handle.


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